Friday, February 06, 2009


Okay, so I have no idea why I feel the need to periodically start new blogs. Actually, that is a lie. I totally know why. I do it in the hopes that one of these times, just one, I will get better at blogging regularly. I can hear the snickering.

But seriously, I find it very difficult to put little bits of myself out on the internet. It's like taping posters for a show up on light posts. It's great, and people will come and read and enjoy themselves, but the bits that stay there are forgotten and battered by the elements and covered with new posters . . .

Maybe my metaphor makes little sense, but I am tired and willing to leave it there.

Oh, and I have a new blog and myspace, since, in Lyn's words, I am finally "coming out of the bathroom" as a singer/songwriter:



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