Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Snooze, you WIN!

Those of you who check my blog and are also avid craftsters will likely already know about Susie Ghahremani. However, for those of you who are yet unfamiliar, I would like to introduce you to living proof that you can be good at more than one thing in life.

From what I gather, Susie is primarily known for her whimsical and illustrative art, as well as her interest in blending art, craft and illustration. I am in love with her musical animals.
Here is her website. I especially like the "old art" section of the site, which is sort of hard to find.

Not only is Susie a talented artist and craftster, she also dabbles in indie-pop under the name "snoozer." I did not realize this until the other day, and I was pleased to find out.

Not only is she all that and a musician, the sheer volume of interesting stuff on her links page indicates that she may be one of those people who probably just never stops or sits still.



Blogger Graham Emde said...

she is great. I want to have a site like that!

7:32 PM  

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