Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

This has been a busy and full month for me. What an interesting way to begin a new year. I spent the first two weeks of December in New York City, which was amazing and so rich for me creatively. There are lots of things that I could say about that, but I am still feeling jealously protective of my stories, inspirations and ponderings. I certainly fell in love with the city, especially Brooklyn, and I have schemes to get back there soon. VERY soon.

Christmas came and went rather quickly and frantically and I suddenly found myself in Calgary for Rise Up!, a national conference for Catholic Christian Outreach, a movement of young Catholic evangelists from across the country. This was also an incredibly inspiring experience, and confirmed my suspicion that the Christian Church in Canada is about to see a ridiculously huge revitalization. The keynote talks will all be posted online soon, and I will link to them then.

Anyway . . . .
While I was in Calgary, I used my free time to hunt down what little art and culture I could find. I found more than I had expected, including this show at Axis Gallery entitled "Brooklyn Mythology: The First Nations Cycle" by artist Tim Okamura.
This dude is amazing! the pictures online do not do justice to the scale and beauty of his paintings, nor to the skill he must have. I guess he is Canadian, and has been shortlisted to paint a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. His art has also been displayed in England's National Portrait Gallery and has appeared in several well known movies. He lives in Brooklyn and his paintings largely deal with that city's culture. Amazing stuff.

Once again, I am really tempted to move to Brooklyn.

sigh. (quietly scheming)


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Blog posts with titles are better.

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i'm sticking my tongue out at you

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