Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lent and photo blogs

I'm feeling the days getting longer, which is AWESOME, cause mornings are longer and brighter :)
Also, I am in need of a new project. Especially since I am giving up black tea for Lent, and I will need to distract myself, because I am convinced that I have a serious addiction. I might be getting really crazy here, but it's possible I will stop loving mornings so much with only green or herbal teas as my options. We shall see.

In other news, here are two cool (New York-related) photo blogs that I check about every second day.

For lovers of fashion and New York lifestyles, who haven't already heard about him, this is The Sartorialist. I love this one because he often posts the street, corner and/or area where each picture was taken. It really gives you a sense of the personalities of New York's neighborhoods (I'd love to find a similar blog about Brooklyn):

This one is "A Year in Pictures." It's really just about great photography and other related items:

Happy Shrove Tuesday! Eat some pancakes and bacon.


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