Sunday, April 13, 2008

Again, not Female, but I'll forgive him if you do . . .

Yes, I am aware that I have capitalized "Female" (haha). In light of Brennan's comment, I felt it was appropriate.

It's been a while--I have moved and been very busy, as well as severely limiting my recreational internet use for Lent (I realize it's Easter season now--Christ is Risen Alleluia!). I am back and have internet in the new apartment now.

Maybe it's only the weather, but my life is (literally AND figuratively) opening up and turning green these days. It's a beautiful thing.

So, to match my mood, I have a Norwegian musicman to check out--Sondre Lerche (pron. Son-dray, Lurk-ay). He wrote most of the soundtrack for the movie Dan in Real Life (including a duet with Feist), and he's great.

I can't pick a favourite song, but "My Hands are Shaking," "Two-Way Monologue," and "Tragic Mirror" are contenders today.

The video for Phantom Punch is swell also :)


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